GlobalGiving Logos and Brand Assets


Thanks for your interest in GlobalGiving! We have a few guidelines for using our brand resources. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Brand Guidelines

Download GlobalGiving's brand guidelines for information about logo treatments, colors, and typography.



Download our logos for use in web, print, or other media. Includes vertical and horizontal layouts in PNG, vector, and grayscale format.

Just need one logo?

Horizontal: PNG, JPG, EPS
Vertical: PNG, JPG, EPS


Landing Page Template

Download a Photoshop template to help you design a beautiful landing page for your next campaign.



 Global Giving 


Our Name

GlobalGiving is written as one word, not two.
The first two Gs should be capitalized.


Primary Brand Colors

R: 101
G: 144
B: 175
R: 163
G: 185
B: 0
R: 219
G: 134
B: 0
R: 240
G: 204
B: 1
R: 67
G: 52
B: 11

Secondary Brand Colors

R: 86
G: 161
B: 213
R: 193
G: 215
B: 46
R: 244
G: 125
B: 49
R: 255
G: 212
B: 87
R: 247
G: 243
B: 207
R: 0
G: 105
B: 144
R: 241
G: 197
B: 220
R: 155
G: 125
B: 185
R: 246
G: 160
B: 165
R: 237
G: 28
B: 36