With so much going on in the UK this summer, we couldn’t help but get involved and have a celebration of our own. But rather than the Jubilee or the Olympics, we wanted to celebrate some of the brilliant social and environment projects that are run all over the UK to create a better, more caring and supportive society for us all.

If you are a registered charity working in the UK, this is a fantastic opportunity to profile your work and kick-start your summer fundraising! To qualify, you need to nominate your organisation and submit your due diligence documents by Monday July 16th 2012.

What You Will Get

We will be Celebrating GB by profiling charitable projects operating in the UK in a dedicated fundraising challenge. As part of this initiative we will be offering UK charities:

  • Webinar training on online fundraising (to help sharpen your skills for the fundraising challenge and beyond)
  • Inclusion in the Celebrating GB leaderboard featured on GlobalGiving.co.uk’s homepage
  • Bonus funding prizes for the top fundraisers
  • Permanent spot on the GlobalGiving.co.uk website (bringing your charity into a community of nonprofits that have raised over £40m since 2000, and giving you access to giving tools, training and webinars, online fundraising support services and opportunities to connect with corporate partners).

What You Will Do

  1. Let us know you want to take part – fill in the nomination form and upload your documents.
  2. Once we have approved your Due Diligence document, we will invite you to create a project page like this one.
  3. We will invite you to a series of webinars on online fundraising that will help you plan your Celebrating GB campaign (scheduled for second two weeks in July).
  4. Challenge will start on 1st August and finish on 14th August - top fundraisers will receive bonus funds and extra visibility on GlobalGiving.co.uk!

More About GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is a platform that promotes grassroots non-profit organisations around the world and supports them to fundraise online. In the past 10 Years, GlobalGiving has helped projects to raise over £40 million for their wonderful work. Find out more about us here.

*By taking part in this campaign, you will be bypassing our usual entry requirement to take part in an open challenge. Some of the questions in the nomination form are related to this and may not apply to this campaign.