Gateway Challenge Success Stories


Peer Education Programme Against AIDS

Key Success factor: Effective email Campaign

PEPAIDS is a small charity and they realised their most successful way to achieve this was through effective and regular mailouts to their supporters as well as sending personal emails to their contacts.

Tips to share: “Do it! Particularly for tiny, volunteer-run charities, it is exactly the motivation you need to stretch yourselves and grow in your fundraising ability. It felt daunting at the start, but GlobalGiving get alongside you and mentor you through a process that would probably never embark upon on your own. If you can, get a little team together to share the load. Sharing the responsibility gives you confidence, momentum and helps you aim high”! 

Gateway Challenge completed: December 2011

Amount raised: £12,033 from 127 unique donors

Bonus prizes received:£2000

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African Steps 

Key Success factor: Mobilising Champions successfully. 

They mobilised their networks by targeting specific people who were already keen African Steps supporters. Before the challenge and during, they encouraged their supporters by email and word of mouth to bring on their family and friends. They approached people known to the trustees who had been involved before.

“We found that the key to success was to “tap” into our supporter’s networks and in the end we found that many people were donating who didn’t know any of the trustees or had even heard of African steps before the challenge.”

Thoughts on the Challenge: “We were surprised by how helpful the competitiveness of the challenge was. People really got interested in the leaderboard and really wanted to win!”

Gateway Challenge completed: July 2011

Amount raised: £11,848 from 185 unique donors

Bonus prizes received: £1250

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