There are hundreds of ways you can help a project - here are a few


Volunteer With GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is a registered charity and are able to operate thanks to our great volunteers. Find out how you can volunteer with us!

Multiply Your Support

Multiply the impact of your donation! Getting involved is fun - you can run events, raise awareness, learn new skills, use your professional know how and build a lasting relationship with a grassroots project through


Multiply Your Support

GlobalGivingTIME is our new initiative which enables you to volunteer straight from your desk, on the train or at home. You can help meet the pressing organisational needs of charitable projects by applying your time and professional skills. See some of the current challenges and sign up to get started.

Donate Online

Donate Online

We have hundreds of charity partners and projects waiting for you to discover them. You can search for a cause that is close to your heart, donate directly to them and see the progress that is being made with your help. Find a project to support!



Are you creative, active, and brimming with ideas to raise money for a special cause you've found on GlobalGiving? You can host your own fundraiser on GlobalGiving and invite your family, friends, and colleagues to donate. Create a fundraiser!

The Thousand Pound Club

Join The Thousand Pound Club

You want to donate to more than one of our charity partners, have the money but not the time to search through all of our options? You can join the Thousand Pound Club and we will match you with the causes that fit best with your charitable preferences. Build your portfolio!


Do you work at a non-profit or have a grassroots project that you want to see on GlobalGiving?

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