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Alternative Gifts FAQs

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£10 – Beat the Mosquito

Protect children and their parents from Mosquitos with easy to use Mosquito Nets!

£15 – School Uniform

Help a child eager to learn go to school by buying them a school uniform.

£35 – Solar Lamp

Let there be light! Help students to complete their homework on time. A solar lamp is environmentally friendly, cost efficient and makes a huge positive impact on home life.

£20 – Family Food Package

Help a family in need by providing a food package. The package includes crucial items like maize, beans, sugar, rice and cooking oil.

£25 – School Desk for a local school

Ensure a child can register for school by buying them a school desk. It will change their life (and make you feel good)!

£26 – Buy a mattress & help others sleep well!

What do you sleep on at night? Buy someone in need a mattress so they don’t have to sleep on the floor. A better night’s sleep helps students to study better and keeps adults safer at work.

£30 – Buy a lion!

Ok maybe not an actual lion! But you can help fund a trip for vulnerable children so they can see, explore, learn and enjoy the world around them.

£35 – Feed a child for a year

Help a child stay in school and complete their education by providing them with free school lunch for a whole year. We know it works. Make a difference!

£40 – Lets Play! Sports equipment for young people

Help launch the career of the next Kaka! Help children who love to play sport with the right kit and equipment so they can have fun, exercise and dream of winning the Champions League!

£60 – Skills Training, tools & equipment

Help young people complete skills training & start their own business empires by buying them the necessary tools & equipment. Support the next Richard Branson!

£85 – Capital Investment for Business

Provide capital for exciting new businesses – helping mothers to support themselves and their children into brighter futures.

£100 – Scholarship Fund

Provide a scholarship to a child, enabling them to complete education or a community apprenticeship. A gift which has truly life changing impact!