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Guardian News And Media Staff Fundraising

GNM staff can directly support grassroots projects on charity website The charity projects featured here have been recommended by existing GNM staff, but you can choose from hundreds of grassroots projects all over the world.

You can donate directly via the website, or team up with colleagues to raise funds together for a specific project that takes your fancy. Either way your donations will be tax-efficient. GNM will match-fund employees' fundraising £ for £  to a maximum of £100 per employee per financial year.

Finally, you also have the option of donating each month through GNM payroll. Please contact Sharath Jeevan at if you would like to donate regularly to a project through payroll giving. If you sign up to donate a minimum of £10 per month, GNM will donate a one off gift of £100 to your chosen charity. If your donation is between £5-£9.99 per month the charity will receive £50. This offer is only open to staff who are enrolling in the GNM scheme for the first time and can only be claimed once. Complete the payroll giving application form online here.

For more details about GNM's matchfunding scheme please contact Fiona McKellar (

Projects recommended by Guardian News and Media Employees

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Supporting vulnerable young people in Rwanda
Rwanda, Education
This project provides orphans, vulnerable youth and street children with access to services to meet their basic needs, vocational and income generating skills training, accommodation and schooling. progress reportread updates from the field
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Peer HIV Prevention for Sex Workers in Malawi
Malawi, Women and Girls
Funded £969 (of £38,971 requested)
This project provides 120 sex workers in one of the poorest communities in Malawi with the skills to reduce their risk of HIV infection, and the confidence to use them. progress reportread updates from the field