GlobalGiving FAQ

1. What is is a new UK website enabling individuals to give directly to hundreds of well-vetted grassroots charity projects in over 70 countries, mostly in the developing world. The online marketplace' created also enables donors to stay updated with project progress and tangibly see the impact of their donations on the communities concerned.

2. Where did the concept come from?

The concept comes from the United States. was founded in 2001 by two former World Bank executives, Dennis Whittle and Mari Kuraishi, and since then has raised $12m to fund over a 1,000 projects. The level of donations has also been growing rapidly over the years. GlobalGiving's first project was a toilet block at a school in India: not glamorous but awfully fast and tremendously important for the school.

3. How many projects can be donated to? How are they vetted?

There are usually over 500 projects live on the site at any one time. Some of the UK's most respected NGOs will also participate in the UK website including VSO and Help the Aged. Most projects that are currently listed on the US marketplace will also be listed on the UK website. Projects can be searched by topic or location to allow individuals to match their giving with their interests and passions.

Organisations and their projects are carefully vetted to ensure they are genuine, proper and charitable in nature. Each project partner is then required to submit quarterly progress updates on, including the activities, accomplishments and results of the project so far. These reports are available for donors to access so they can see how their donation is being used and what progress has been made and they can even leave 'feedback' on the project. This creates a dynamic and meaningful relationship between projects and donors. Please click here to learn more about how vets projects.

4. How does the money get to the project?

Once GlobalGiving has received payment, funds are pooled with contributions from other donors. The money is then either transferred directly to the project or to the sponsor who wires it to the project leader. This is usually transferred on a monthly basis, once at least £ 250 in total donations has been received for a specific project. also adds Gift Aid to all eligible donations and then subsequently transfers these to the project as well.

5. How much do people tend to give?

In the USA, average donations are around $100, though of course the amounts vary widely by donor. The minimum donation is £5 in the UK and the average is expected to be between £30 and £40.

6. How much of the donation goes to cover GlobalGiving's own charitable costs?

10 percent of the total donation goes to cover GlobalGiving UK's own charitable costs (GlobalGiving is itself a UK registered charity). This money goes towards sourcing, researching and vetting charitable projects and also towards promoting the website among the public. Credit card processing, foreign currency exchange and transaction costs and Gift Aid processing costs are also included in the charge. This 10% is fixed and is a lot lower than most traditional international giving.

7. What methods of donation payment are accepted on

Donations can be made via most credit or debit cards, PayPal or cheque. If you have a Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Account you can also use the funds in your account to make an online donation to a GlobalGiving project. (Please note: if you use your CAF account to make a donation, GlobalGiving will take 6% of your donation to cover its charitable costs, and CAF will take its normal 4%).

8. Who funds GlobalGiving UK own charitable costs?

In its first two or three years this 10% will not be sufficient to cover GlobalGiving's costs as a small UK charity. To that end, GlobalGiving UK has received funding from CAF Venturesome , the Travel Foundation, the Mathias Family Trust and a prominent City individual, to cover its own costs.

9. Who are's corporate supporters?

In addition to the funding partners above, has benefitted from support from leading online companies such as Expedia, Google, Isango and PayPal. For example, Expedia will be providing banner advertising on key Expedia properties and engaging staff to support projects on the site. Meanwhile Google has provided a Google grant and assistance for to engage in effective online advertising. Another example is Booz & Company, who have kindly hosted GlobalGiving's UK launch reception and also provided free office space and infrastructure in's start-up phase.


If you have any questions, please contact us.