How GlobalGiving Works

GlobalGiving UK connects you to hundreds of screened and vetted grassroots charity projects around the world. It is an efficient, transparent way to make a direct impact with your giving.

Connecting Donors to Doers

GlobalGiving begins with the dedicated, tenacious individuals who are driving change in their communities. From running orphanages and schools, to helping survivors of natural disasters, these people are local heroes transforming their communities. We help these 'doers' connect to donors and receive support.

How the Process Works

  • Project Leaders post details of their projects and the work being done.
  • You browse the website searching projects by topic or loction, and pick one that matches your passions.
  • You make a donation and we combine your giving with other generous folks doing the same thing.
  • We ensure that at least 90% of your donation (including any Gift Aid) is on the ground within 60 days and has an immediate impact. The remaining 10% is used to cover our own costs: well below the overheads of traditional charities.
  • We also claim back Gift Aid (if you are a UK tax-payer) to ensure your "tax bonus" goes to the project of your choice.
  • You get regular updates showing you the difference your gift is making and the results that have been achieved.

How Can I List a Project on GlobalGiving UK?

To list a project on GlobalGiving UK, you first participate in one of our Gateway Challenges. Challenges are an opportunity for organisations around the globe to raise funds for their projects and have the chance to become long-term members of the GlobalGiving UK Community. To participate in the next Challenge, please complete the Nomination Form. You may nominate your own project or recommend another project you think is doing great work.

Ready to get involved?

Find a project and choose your way to change the world.

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