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What is the Gateway Crowdfunding Challenge? 

How does it work?

What are the benefits of becoming a GlobalGiving partner?

How do I join?


What is the Gateway Crowdfunding Challenge? 

The Gateway Crowdfunding Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for you and your charity to join a ready-made online fundraising campaign, with help and support from our experienced GlobalGiving team. Success in the campaign gives your charity permanent membership with GlobalGiving and access to all our other benefits. We will help you raise atleast £2,500 from 50 people in 40 days (this is the threashold to get permanent membership).

We offer bonus funds during the Gateway Crowdfunding Challenge too! The most successful fundraisers will receive additional funds:

Raise the most funds: At the end of the challenge, the project with the most funds raised will receive an extra £1,500. The organisation that raises the second highest amount will receive £1,000, and the organisation that raises the third most will receive an extra £500.

Reach the most people: At the end of the challenge, the project with the most unique donors will receive an extra £500

Furthermore, at the end of the campaign, once you have secured a minimum of £2,500 from 50 donors you will also be eligible to join our match funding campaigns, bonus days and receive grants from us and the companies we work with.

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How does it work?

We host the Gateway Crowdfunding Challenge twice a year and invite charities from all over the world to join. Before you start your online fundraising, we provide you with a short online training course teaching you all aspects of crowdfunding. You can ask questions and get advice about your campaigns from our dedicated team. Participation in the training course is not a necessity, but it is highly encouraged - the most successful organisations attended our training. Course modules include Crowdfunding 101, Mapping Your Network, Storytelling, Email Appeals, and Social Media to push your campaign. 


What are the benefits of becoming a GlobalGiving partner?

We will help you raise more money for your organisation and help you grow your donor base.

By becoming a GlobalGiving partner, you can also:

  • Access additional funding from companies
  • Access community grants and philanthropic grants
  • Join our match funding campaigns and bonus days
  • Communicate with your existing donors through our reporting tools
  • Understand how to reach your donors using free data analysis tools 
  • Connect with skilled volunteers
  • Join our corporate mentoring scheme where we match you with professionals from the marketing world
  • Join monthly free training and learning sessions to make your organisation more sustainable in all areas
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How do I join?

You need to be a registered not-for-profit organisation. You can be registered in any country and we will ask you for documents in the application form so we can assess your status. Click here to start the application process.

Application Requirements

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Gateway to Crowdfunding Course

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