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The mobile school will help with two projects. 1. To bring teachers and educational resources to children living in isolated communities. These villages have no permanent school building and the majority have never attended school. This project aims to create school going habits in young people from these communities. 2. Equip a group of young boys living in a destitute boy's home with skills, knowledge & time to find decent employment, once they are 18.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

1. Academic - Children from tribal communities in isolated areas of Udaipur, do not have the opportunity to receive an education because there is no school in their village. Lack of infrastructure means traveling out of the area to school is not possible. 2. Skills -The education received is poor, there is high teacher truancy and poor teacher training. Many people in India work because they must. They don't have the time or skills to search for a decent job so the work found is hazardous.

How will this project solve this problem?

1. Acadmic - will visit five isolated villages, bringing teachers and educational resources. It will create a safe&fun environment to learn in. The project aims to encourage the children to create school going habits, helping the whole community to realise the benefits which an education can bring. 2. Skills - This project aims to provide the boys with the skills, time and knowledge to find decent employment. Lessons include IT, English, Hospitality, Business & Careers Guidance. Target MDG1.B

Potential Long Term Impact

Both of these project aims to show that there are enough people willing & eager to obtain an education from the villages&home. This will help us and our partners to enhance community engagement and prove to the local ed. authority that there is a need for permanent school buildings and employment support for young people in India. The education and skills learnt will also stop the people involved being exploited and empower them to better their future.

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Basti Ram
Basti Ram

Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom

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Rachael Kumar

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