Provide Education to Prevent Child Labor in Ghana



Challenging Heights School provides an education for over 700 children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Winneba, Ghana and gives them the opportunity to find their own way out of poverty. Sponsorship is instrumental in keeping the school running and in providing vital support to children who are in need. Once a sponsor, you will receive the profile of a child representative in the school and you can begin a unique cultural exchange through the writing of letters.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Many of the children at Challenging Heights School have been or are at risk of being subjected to the worst forms of child labour and human trafficking. Winneba is a prime source for the trafficking of children for work in the fishing industry on Ghana's Lake Volta and as a result many of these children face abuse and exploitation.

How will this project solve this problem?

Sponsorship is vital for running the CH School. It pays for teachers and equipment and implements projects which assist those most vulnerable to trafficking to stay in school. These projects operate along the principles of a human rights based approach; non-discrimination, equality, empowerment and transparency. The children are instrumental in deciding exactly how they are helped. Ensuring vulnerable children attend school is the first step in the fight against child labor and trafficking.

Potential Long Term Impact

When children are given the opportunity to go to school, not only are they considerably less likely to be targeted by traffickers, but they are given the opportunities and hope to carve out a future for themselves, not to mention that an education is every child's fundamental human right. Projects are implemented in such a way as to empower the children. They operate under a strict manadate, which ensures that they never elevate one child above another or single any out for special treatment.

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Challenging Heights
Challenging Heights

10/56, Dentu Avenue, Awudome Estate, Acc, Ghana

Project Leader

James Kofi Annan

Accra, Ghana

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