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There are over 30,000 registered NGO's in Nepal. Few have staff capable of posting projects on GlobalGiving as they don't speak English, or speak it quite poorly. Most don't understand western donors and how to create projects that appeal to donors, are relevant and meaningful in the context of a western donor. Few have the skills to create a clear mission and vision and articulate their goals to a western audience.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

A lot of good NGO's simply cannot tell their story to the western donor community because they don't know the English language or understand western sensibilities and context. Mountain Fund has 100 volunteers in Nepal each year, we can help with ESL on site for NGO's. We can also host trainings about Global Giving and seminars on a variety of topics pertaining to presenting a need to a western donor market in a way that is relevant for those donors. See our attached documents for more details.

How will this project solve this problem?

We started this project thinking that teaching English would be enough to make a difference. As we began working with local NGO's we discovered a host of underlying assumptions on the part of Nepali NGO's need to be addressed. Many have mission and vision statements that have no real relevance or meaning to the organization, so the organization isn't grounded in them. By conducting on-site trainings, such as the one pictured for this project we learned that much is misunderstood by local NGO's.

Potential Long Term Impact

With 30,000 known NGO's in Nepal the truth is Nepali people, working in their own country can help their own people if they can access the western donor market for support. That puts Nepali NGO's in charge of the development of Nepal instead of foreign INGO's. As it stands now, to succeed as an NGO in Nepal it's almost mandatory that you affiliate with a foreign INGO who then sets the agenda. We aim to put Nepalese NGO's in charge of the agenda and deliver higher quality results.

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