Healthcare & Opportunity in the Hidden Himalayas


This project is located in Nepal and can also be found under Health.

Nepal's remotest and most impoverished district. Often described as the 'Hidden Himalayas' and only accessible by light plane or a 2 week trek through the mountains.
Humla, Nepal
(29.98345, 81.74994)
National Highway 215, Orissa, India
(21.99534, 85.07812)
Humla, Nepal
(30.11452, 81.67333)
The Hidden Himalayas - the remote north west corner of Nepal
Humla, Nepal
(30.03590, 81.65422)
Humla, Nepal
21000, Nepal
(30.14303, 81.62939)
Humla, part of the Upper Karnali river zone, and Nepal's poorest region.
, 21000, Nepal
(29.96387, 81.82340)
Simikot, Humla
Muchu, Nepal
(30.01679, 81.60645)
Bargaon, Humla
Khagalgaun, Nepal
(30.08335, 81.71631)
District of Humla, North West Nepal
Hepka 21000, Nepal
From report: The Way Ahead.
(30.15526, 81.81519)
Simikot the administrative centre of Humla
, Simikot 21000, Nepal
(29.98737, 81.82205)
Thehe, the largest Hindu village in Humla
Thehe, Nepal
(30.18937, 81.97037)
The remote and beautiful Limi valley
Limi, Nepal
(30.31275, 81.56937)

For more information about Nepal, read the Human Development Report on Nepal or the Wikipedia entry for Nepal.

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The Nepal Trust

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Project Leader

Tony Sharpe

Elgin, Moray United Kingdom

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Map of Healthcare & Opportunity in the Hidden Himalayas