Safe Water for Indigenous Schools & Villages



We provide safe water for indigenous schools having to use polluted streams or contaminated wells. Why should children be sick and drop out of school from bad water where it often rains? Principals report absenteeism from sickness drops from as much as 50% to less than 10% after our rain-catchment tanks are installed. We work among the indigenous Guaymi people of Panama's islands and mainland.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Many indigenous schools have to use water from polluted streams or contaminated wells. Sickness rates range as high a 70% at some schools. Children out sick fall behind, get discouraged and give up -- perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Yet, rainfall is abundant. Rain catchment tanks cut sickness rates to less than 10%. Healthy kids stay in school and graduate. When schools are not in session the nearby indigenous villages have access to the safe, disease-free water.

How will this project solve this problem?

Safe, disease-free water from our rain catchment tanks cuts school sickness rates from as high as 70% of the student body to less than 10%, according to school principals. Adjacent villages have access to safe water when school is not is session.l Healthy kids will stay in school and graduate. Health & education is the key to breaking the indigenous cycle of poverty. We help provide both.

Potential Long Term Impact

Bad water robs the indigenous population of educated children. It cripples progress in indigenous villages. Safe, disease-free water helps indigenous children stay healthy and stay in school. School principals report sickness rates drop and graduation rates soar once a school as safe water from our rain catchment tanks. Adjacent villages have safe water when school is not in session, improving the general health of the community. Progress depends on health. Health depends on safe water.

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Operation Safe Drinking Water
Operation Safe Drinking Water

Camarillo, CA, United States

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Joe Bass

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Camarillo, CA United States

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