GlobalGiving is helping organisations collect feedback from the people they serve on a grand scale. With over 60,000 stories in our collection, we're off to a good start!

We begin by asking an opened ended question, such as:

“Tell us about a time when a person or an organisation tried to change something in your community.”

These responses form patterns when aggregated. We believe organisations can learn so much more from open-ended listening that we're rewarding learning organisations with greater visibility in our marketplace. If you are an organisation, this is where you can learn how story-centered learning works.

So what is your goal?

Listen better
do a community needs assessment
recruit local volunteers and network with local charities
Learn what works
test your project's assumptions
iterate on an idea, be more agile

Prove your Impact 
- design a listening experiment
- write compelling project reports
connect with donors emotionally

"As change makers we should not try to design a better world. We should make better feedback loops." - Owen Barder.

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