Join GlobalGiving UK through the Gateway Challenge

The Gateway Challenge is a practical fundraising campaign that helps charities, NGOs, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations to successfully raise funds online (commonly referred to as crowdfunding) for their projects and build their individual donor base.

Are you interested in growing your donor base? Improving your online communications? Joining a global network of non-profits? Improving your fundraising and crowdfunding skills and network? Then this programme is for you.

The Gateway Challenge has two parts:

1. A proven online fundraising and communications training programme. We have helped over 300 organisations complete this programme. Training is delivered remotely through 7 online seminars as well as supplementary guides and tools. We also run a dedicated free physical fundraising workshop for organisations that are UK based.

2. A practical fundraising challenge to directly implement the learning from the training. The challenge is to raise £2000 from 50 unique donors for your work. This runs immediately after our training to help you cement your new knowledge and skills and ensure your charity raises much need money!

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  • Fundraising awards of up to £3500. The organisation who raises the most funds gets a bonus of £1500, second place £1000 and third place £500. The project receiving the highest number of unique donors receives a bonus prize of £500.
  • Free training & support for all participants. All Gateway Challenge participants will receive proven training in online fundraising, creating an online project page, mapping and building their network, communications in fundraising including email and social media, and preparing an online fundraising campaign.
  • The mobilisation of existing and new networks of supporters.
  • Exposure on search engine campaigns during certain initiatives.
  • Access to ongoing free training and services from GlobalGiving UK after completion of the campaign.

 Get Started

Gateway Challenges are held twice a year. Start dates and deadlines for application submission for the Gateway Challenges are decided annually and are updated on the website regularly.

Our next Gateway Challenge deadline is 25th September 2015 (midnight GMT) and applications must be submitted by that time.

The Gateway Challenge training will be held throughout October 2015 and the fundraising campaign will run from 16th November to 21st December.


 *Organisations interested in joining should submit their application (form & vetting documentation) well in advance of the deadline as the sooner you submit your application the better prepared you are and the bigger the chance you have of succeeding!


Here’s what other charities have to say about us:

“We thought the challenge was fantastic as it allowed us to raise a large amount of money in a short time, but also it has raised our profile enormously and increased our supporter base beyond our hopes. We are looking forward very much to working with GlobalGiving in the future.” Kathryn, African Steps, Malawi (2011)

“We were fundraising novices and so the training enabled us to go from nothing to executing a successful campaign.” Salem Union, Kazakhstan (2013)

“So very pleased we took part and look forward to a strong partnership in the future. Extremely useful training and learning. We are further along than we were.” Rajesh, Our Sansar, Nepal (2013)

African Steps sends regular shipments of supplies  Our volunteers in an outdoor Struggle for Survival  Pretty happy with the corn we have been growing!

Hear more testimonials from our partner organisations here


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gateway Challenge the only way to join GlobalGiving UK?

Yes, all organisations new to must participate in the Gateway Challenge to earn a permanent place on and gain access to fundraising tools, donor management tools, corporate partnerships and our tailored training programmes. Read more

What does the Gateway Challenge involve?

The process is simple:

1. Fill in the application form here and submit your documentation online.

See what vetting documentation is required. Once your application has been approved you will gain access to the project entry system to create your project page.

2. Take part in our online fundraising and communications training programme.

3. Take part in the fundraising challenge.

How much do I have to raise?

Organisations participating in the month long Gateway Challenge are tasked with raising £2000 from 50 unique donors. These thresholds must be met to gain a permanent place on  and to be eligible for the bonus funds. 

How much have previous winners raised?

84,888 GBP was raised from 2,028 donors in our May Gateway Challenge (1st May to 5th June 2014).

Shivia, the winning organisation, raised 22,305 GBP from 387 donors plus our 2,000 GBP bonus prize.

See all the great organizations that participated here.

Will I receive training?

Absolutely! Learning is key to this programme and we will conduct weekly seminars to provide you with help to plan your fundraising strategy and campaign. These sessions will take place in the four weeks leading up to the Gateway Challenge and are accessible to all participants.


Sounds Good?