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Donor Julie from Runcorn gave to Rescue 100 sex workers & at-risk children in India 54 seconds ago
Cycling for Bikes and Running for Shoes
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GlobalGiving UK Gateway Challenge

UK Gateway Challenge

Are you a charity? Join our Spring 2015 Gateway Challenge and achieve amazing things. Raise £2,000 from 50 donors in 5 weeks to earn a spot on GlobalGiving UK.

Haiti Hospital Matching

Double Your Impact

Donate to this project in Haiti, help mothers and babies access basic health care and your donation will be matched 100%. Learn more

Double Your Donation

Donate to projects in the Philippines working on continued recovery Typhoon Haiyan and your donation will be matched. Learn more.

Learn More

Learn More

Learn more about GlobalGiving UK's philosophy and how we help community groups world widen. Learn more.

GlobalGiving Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Give the gift of giving with a GlobalGiving Gift Card. Available in ecard and print-at-home. Learn more.

GlobalGiving UK Gifts!

GlobalGiving UK Gifts!

Gifts for any occasion that look, feel and sound good. Learn more.

GlobalGiving Storytelling

GlobalGiving Storytelling Project

We offer free tools to help organizations understand the community context of their work, improve their projects, and write stronger grant funding proposals. Learn more.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Haiti, Philippines, Syria... We work with existing organisations on the ground so they can provide a rapid response to relieve the immediate situation. We then work with them on longer term community re-building.