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Aug 29, 2014
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Aug 29, 2014

Stopping the Silence - with your help!

Pamela Pine and the Pope, Aug. 20, 2014
Pamela Pine and the Pope, Aug. 20, 2014

There are many ways of preventing and mitigating CSA, and we all can make a difference. And we need your help in forwarding this work... As Summer ends, help us continue to make needed changes in this world. Currently we're working in the U.S., EU, and building relationships for work in East Africa. 

As a part of the Road to Change (RTC) Project, I just returned last week from Italy where I and Matthew McVarish, the Project Director for RTC was able to speak with the Pope. I humbly requested that he say a few words to survivors, noting that they are not alone, the abuse was not their fault, and there is help available, and urging them to get help if they need it, and I gave him some materials about our work. Matt was blessed for the years of abuse that he and his brothers suffered. (See pics attached.).

After visiting 25 countries so far, and on his way (and my way, too) to Geneva where we will make presentations to members of the Human Rights Council at a "side event," Matthew McVarish and his merry band (Amanda and Stig) are nearing the finish line with RTC. They and the project will be concluding in February 2015, and a celebration is planned. Check out the one year celebration video that was made at the end of May here. Keep tuned on his FB page for all the end programming.

We've noted, already, some of the wonderful noted outcomes thus far from RTC besides the AMAZING press that is rasing huge awareness in all countries (countries are investigating their laws, NGOs are networking and survivors have noted their intention to begin researching their own healing and press charges against their offender, other countries are looking to Stop the Silence to help provide service provider training (Cyprus) - you can read more about Matthew's adventures on his Facebook page and on the RTC Facebook page, and in Matthew's blogs.

Today, I'd like to focus, too, on letting you know about the forward work going on through the university-based work that we are doing at Stop the Silence: 1) bringing the Art as Advocacy university- and community-based program (see attached) to various campuses and communities in the U.S. (and, then, too, abraod), and on 2) the new prevention and mitigation computer-based model - a strategic planning and reporting system - that we're working on with expert guidance and assistance from Bill Mathis at CPIC Solutions.

On the university program side, there are various formal campus-based Stop the Silence Clubs and programs forming at various schools in various parts of the country. And, our wonderful immediately past and current interns, Amy, Savannah, Matteo, and others have been instrumental at forwarding the work in other schools to help Stop the Silence. We are gearing up for a Fall program, and into the future. We are very excited about this. If you want to bring this program to a university near you, just send me a line:

On the model development side, Bill Mathis has turned our and others' input about the relationships between actions and outcomes on prevention and mitigation into a map that shows the paths between the direct results of, for example, the walking from RTC (like increasing connections in new cities and towns), through interim outcomes (like increasing national-level media awareness), to the ultimate outcomes (which are our 5 drivers stating goals for resources, communication, engagement, prevention and healing). We are hoping it will be instrumental in both identifying how to make a change and showing the results of the actions that we are taking. We are also building in a financial element to the model, which we hope, too, will help us show others what entire countries can save if they put CSA prevention and mitigation programming in place. And we also hope that will help translate into funds to support the important work that we do. We will be presenting this information at the upcoming 19th Annual Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) Conference in early September. See here for the schedule.

Please continue to help support the work that we do in advocacy, community outreach, education, program development and training. We thank you for your support now and always along the way. There is a wonderful upcoming fundraiser in Santa Monica by the Nanny League. And, you can click the following link to make a donation now.  

Thank you and have a happy Fall!

The Stop the Silence Team

Matthew McVarish is blessed by the Pope, Aug. 20,
Matthew McVarish is blessed by the Pope, Aug. 20,
Stop child sexual abuse through global education
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